Co-Marketing by Promote

With Promote for brokerages you can support your agents’ listings in a major way. This new co-marketing tool will help your brokerage retain and recruit agents with digital marketing support that doesn’t involve heavy-lifting for your services members.

More Ways to Advertise

Choose to set one listing ad per agent for the month or for a set duration. You can select certain offices, price points, or specific agents to whom you’d like to extend more support.

The power stays with you!

Promote for Brokerages

Brokerages can spread their brand further with co-marketing. Select your budget and parameters, and cover part of the ad cost for your brokerages’ listings. For example, pick up the tab for 20% of the spend on all listing ads. Every time one of your agents opts to promote their new listing, you could cover 20% of the cost to get more eyes on your brokerage’s latest listing.