Does reaching a tipping point in market share create superpowers?

RealScout and MoxiWorks joined forces for a webinar where we explore patterns in market disruption.

In most industries, one or two companies emerge as the winners in their categories after they unlock massive new competitive advantages that the rest of the market can't replicate.

This process of market share domination has yet to happen in residential real estate, although it is starting to with the aggressive rise of disruptors.

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Andrew delivered a keynote presentation on this topic to a sold-out audience at the recent T3 Summit in San Diego and it generated a massive buzz amongst attendees. It truly struck a chord with real estate leaders across the industry, which is why we’re joining forces and digging in even deeper in this invite-only webinar for brokerage executives, hosted by Andrew Flachner and York Baur.



Andrew Flachner

Andrew Flachner

Co-Founder & President, RealScout

York Baur

York Baur

CEO, MoxiWorks




What attendees have to say:

Gino Blefari
CEO, HomeServices of America

“I just returned from attending the T3 Summit in San Diego. Something that was presented struck me like a thunder bolt and I had to share it with you today.

The presentation given by Andrew Flachner from RealScout resonated with me in a very different way. It was about how we, as an industry, can do something that helps us and the consumer all at one time. Andrew very precisely explained how unlocking the use of really important and relevant data was the key to our future. 

And the good news? We have that data now and it is there for us to tap into as an industry.

It is contained within each one of our companies and needs to be identified and compiled in ways that will create more value for our clients. This is a big part of our future and I encourage each of you to explore ways to make it a big part of your present.”


Christine Kim
President, Climb Real Estate

“When players in other industries hit critical mass, they have the power to irreversibly disrupt their markets. Today, we are at the brink of similar dynamics playing out in residential real estate. Andrew’s presentation examines what will happen if VC-backed brokerage models reach a “tipping point” in market share. It’s a must-see presentation for all brokerage executives.


Simon Chen
CEO, ERA Real Estate

I've heard from numerous members of my team who were in attendance that you were one of the highlights of the T3 Summit."