Easier, faster marketing starts now.

Finally, an efficient way to promote your listings and impress your clients. Advertise Your Listing is the feature that equips agents with Facebook advertising directly in their Moxi Engage CRM. It enables you to maintain a competitive marketing strategy without requiring extensive additional time or know-how.

          - Create an ad in 3 easy, guided steps

          - Select your budget and submit the campaign. Reach a massive audience to sell homes faster and promote yourself as a digital-savvy agent.

          - Automated reports are sent directly to the client so they can see that you're going above and beyond. 


Watch the recorded webinar below for an overview of the feature and a brief training. Ready to get started? Click here, select the listing you'd like to advertise, and follow the prompts!


Wistia video thumbnail - 2017-07-21 Advertise Your Listing

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How do I try it out?

New listings: when you win a listing, you’ll receive an email notification asking if you’d like to start marketing it. Simply follow the prompt in the email to get started.

Existing listings: once logged into your Moxi Engage account, navigate to My Listings. Click on Active & Pending, select the listing you’d like to promote and then click on My Ads at the top.


Can I use it for listings already in MLS or is this just for new listings moving forward?

This feature is available for both existing and new listings.


I can choose if the reports get sent to the client? I might want to save that for an in-person meeting with the client.

Yes you can! Once an ad is published, you are able to go in and adjust your report settings. You can choose at what frequency you’d like automated reports sent or to not send client-facing reports at all.


How does this differ from boosting a post on Facebook?

It’s similar in that it publishes sponsored content on Facebook. It differs in 3 ways: you don’t need a Facebook account to use it like you do when boosting, it places ads on the right side rather than in the news feed, and it’s integrated with your Moxi Engage account.


Are we able to see the number of clicks for each ad?

Yes! You are able to see how many people each ad reached as well as the number of clicks.


Are the ads only on the right hand side?

For now, yes. All ads created through Advertise Your Listing will be displayed on the right hand side. This is what enables you to use the feature without connecting it to your personal Facebook account.

We are already working on expanding the feature’s functionality to give agents the option to create news feed advertisements as well.


How does the ad traffic for the right side compare to the ones on news feeds?

Facebook limits the number of times ads on the right side appear so they tend to take a little longer to reach the same number of people.


Is the destination link customizable? Can any link be placed?

Yes, there will be a default destination URL there for ease of use, but you are able to customize it if you wish to do so.  


If a new agent does not have any listings can you still run an ad with someone else’s listing? With their permission, of course.

No, you will not have the ability to advertise other agents’ properties out of respect for the listing agent. When you win a listing, you’re the only one who can promote that listing via Advertise Your Listing.


How much does it cost? Can I spend any amount?

You are able to select your own budget and will be prompted to do so. You have the option to spend $50, $100, $150, or $200.


Will Moxi Works save my credit card information for next ad?

Your payment details will be saved if you use the Amazon Payment option. The credit card payment option will not retain payment information. Moxi Works will not save your credit card information.


If a property goes under contract, can an agent discontinue the ad and not spend the full ad spend?

You have the ability to go into your active ads and cancel a ad that is currently running if the property goes under contract. No refunds are given, however, as Facebook does not issue refunds for canceled ads.


Will the ad have my broker's name right in the ad?

The brokerage name will not be in the ad itself, but will be on the branded landing page that the ad links to.


Can you send out certain ads to folks in your database?

At the moment, you are not able to target ads to your database, but that is a feature we are working on.


Does the Ads show on mobile version of Facebook?

No, right-side column ads to not appear on mobile, in congruence with Facebook’s ad settings.


Can the agent send out information on a business that they are selling? Because it isn't listed in residential MRIS SYSTEM.

Currently, if your brokerage has “Listing Manager,” a Moxi Works feature, you can create non-MLS listings and advertise those.


If a lead comes in through the listing page, do I get notified in email?

Yes, if a lead comes through the landing page, you will get an email notification. If you have Moxi Engage, a new contact will automatically be created with that lead’s information.


I sell residential and commercial businesses (like local salons, restaurants & liquor stores). Could it be customized to promote commercial listings?

Only if your brokerage has the Moxi feature “Listing Manager” can you create a non-MLS listing and promote it that way. Commercial listings are not auto-populated from the MLS.