MoxiWorks + RealScout: Welcome to the dream team.

Your most frustrating pain points can be a thing of the past when you leverage the powerful integration of RealScout and MoxiWorks. Complete your tech stack by offering agents a major upgrade to the tools they use most. A robust CRM and captivating listing alerts are only the beginning of what the MoxiWorks + RealScout partnership deliver.

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How the integration works

RealScout empowers brokerages and agents to complete more deals and grow profits, while providing a superior consumer experience. Integrated into our MoxiEngage CRM, RealScout is the only technology solution that realizes the potential of your buyer data from start to finish.


Step 1: Captivate via branded search

RealScout’s industry-best listing alert and home search experience ensures buyers stay on brokerage controlled platforms, preventing leakage to 3rd parties.


Step 2: Collect unique buyer data

RealScout gathers and analyzes actionable data from buyer purchase behaviors, creating a real-time view into market demand.

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Step 3: Capitalize on more transactions

RealScout then hands this data off to MoxiEngage CRM, so agents can use this buyer data to win more listing presentations, drive more in-house transactions, and improve brokerage collaboration.


Other features + coming soon

SSO (single sign-on) and brokerage onboarding using an API. Coming soon: Push contacts from MoxiWorks back into RealScout, creating a search for a MoxiEngage CRM contact.


Peanut butter, meet jelly.realscout

With RealScout’s white-glove listing alert migration services, live training, and unparalleled customer experience, their customers typically see 40-60% adoption. Pair that with the MoxiEngage CRM with a 65% average adoption rate that’s proven to boost sales volumes by 54%, and you’ll be well positioned to grow and defend your brokerage, while driving meaningful value to agents and clients alike.